Strong tradition

"Made in Germany" is important to us because we as a company feel most at home where we come from. We ARE proud of our seal because it means top quality – to this very day. And we are constantly working on keeping the seal a reliable proof of quality.

25 years in a company - what may sound like a fairytale from the olden days is still just regular business for manufacturer and wholesaler D&W Pool. CEO Jürgen Bergmann is a typical representative of the "D&W family". Having joined the company 25 years ago as an apprentice, he now faithfully leads our company's business and has been doing so since 2002. He doesn't regard himself as special, but he is convinced that the virtues that have brought him success are those that are characteristic to D&W Pool and its 40 employees since its inception in 1982 and after the merger with Zodiac in 1995 – working at SME level.

This means more than An innate love for water, it also means always finding new and surprising aspects of aquatic fun as well as the constant urge for new ideas and the passion and skill to be able to translate these ideas into products. They all serve to help our customers indulge in their exuberant hobby in a more pleasant, comfortable, environmentally friendly, more cost effective, sporty AND Aesthetic MANNER. The more than 70,000 D&W Pools sold are a clear sign of this.

The open and uncomplicated manner in which our co-workers work with one another is the reason why ideas go through the system as quickly as they do. If someone has a good idea, he talks to one of his colleagues or goes straight to the boss - as he is seldom behind closed doors. If he happens to be unavailable, IT IS GENERALLY ONLY because he is off visiting dealers and pool owners all over Europe in order to gather wishes and inspiration, to lend a hand to others or to present the latest D&W news. Back at the company, he much prefers working with his hands and developing new ideas together with the team.

"Teamwork brings success at D&W-POOL," says Jürgen Bergmann, "which is why we always pull together – exactly the way it should be in a family company."



Jürgen Bergmann mit dem „Golden Wave Award 2009“

Gold auch für den Mittelstand. Denn es sind Unternehmen wie D&W-Pool, die dafür sorgen, dass auf der Basis von Konstanz und Arbeitsplatzsicherheit innovative und qualitativ hochwertige Produkte entwickelt werden können. So ist über die Hälfte der Mitarbeiter seit mehr als 15 Jahren bei D&W beschäftigt.

Ohne Tradition keine Zukunft, ohne verlässliche Firmenstrukturen und Mitarbeiter kein gesundes Wachstum.


bsw LogoVon Anfang an war D&W-Pool beim BSSW - dem Bundesverband Schwimmbad,Sauna und Wellness auch in wichtigen Verbandsgremien als auch im Präsidium mit dabei. Im Jahr 1999 versschmolz der BSSW mit dem BSW als Bundesverband für Schwimmbad und Wellness e.V.  

Der BSW verlegt unter anderem das für Verbraucher sehr interessante Magazin Pools  welches Sie hier auch online abrufen können.


ZMP1   2007 wurde als Dachkonzern Zodiac Marine & Pool gegründet und D&W-Pool erfolgreich in die neue Firmenstruktur integriert. Mit Übernahme der Großhandelstätigkeit 2009 von Zodiac-Kern für Pools und Zubehör zum Januar 2009 stieg die Anzahl unserer Mitarbeiter auf 40 und D&W-Pool führt nun 2 Produktlinien.


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