I'm worth it


ENJOYING space actively and stress-free, despite global warming and changes in society – this is possible with state-of-the-art technology that is environmentally friendly and helps save costs.

Long gone are the days WHEN people began slowing down once they reached the age of 50: Those who stay active live longer and stay healthier. in water, Movement knows no age. This healthy sport facilitates physical activity even if one's freedom of movement is restricted later in life. Experts recommend swimming, water sports, and water gymnastics for all ages.

Modern pools offer a large variety of accessories to ensure a safe bathing experience. Comfortable, non-slip pool steps and handrails aid in getting in and out of the pool, even when a daily dive is no longer a part of your routine.  Counter-current swimming systems further enhance the fitness program. Motor-driven pool covers and remote controls facilitating the opening and closing of the water surface.

To prevent your home swimming pool from burdening the environment, state-of-the-art insulation technology and regenerative energies are becoming more and more important. The easiest way to reduce energy costs is by using an air-chamber pool cover that decreases heat loss at night and gives off heat to the water during the day. Solar absorbers make efficient use of solar energy. If their surface amounts to about 70 percent of the water's surface, the power of the sun is generally a sufficient sole source of warmth.

If a pool is heated with an air/water heating pump, it only consumes some 20 percent of the energy that a conventional electrical instantaneous water heater requires. An average large-sized outdoor swimming pool used from mid-May to mid-September consumes about 3 euros worth of energy, which is often lower than the price one ticket for a public pool.

The highly insulating wall elements such as Styropool® also streamline your utility bills. Their low heat transition coefficient reduces the loss of heat to the surrounding cooler soil.


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