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Forward planning can turn your pool experience into an affordable pleasure - the entire year long!

Whether in the ocean, the sea or a pool: Water is an indispensable part of the holidays for many Germans. More and more home owners don't just want to restrict the refreshing and rejuvenating pleasure of swimming to the few weeks of vacation and a couple of trips to public pool facilities and want their own pool in the comfort of their own yard: A pleasure that no longer needs to be any more expensive than a family vacation in the south!

those keeping a part of their garden free for a swimming pool can later install their very own private SWIMMING pool with hardly any effort. Chosen cleverly and with efficient technology, the costs to keep a pool running are also easy on your budget. The annual running costs for your pool are affordable, at 400 - 500 euro per bathing season.

Anyone who has opted for a water oasis for their garden will never againt want to go without one: A vacation feeli for months, an increased sense of wellbeing and physical activity and more joint activities are but just a few "side effects" of a private pool.

In any case, your garden will become a central point for leisure time and family and friends , so that you will look forward to every day!

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