We think ahead.

Environmental awareness starts in your own garden.

The Greeks invented the basic principles of the swimming pool, and the Romans further developed it. Shape, installation, and technology have changed since then and even today specialists such as D&W find new vantage points for this well-known theme.

New materials reduce the weight of the basin, whilst making it more stable and increasing its life cycle. Functions such as covers, movable halls, filters, stairs, and accessories improve safety and comfort.

Climate and energy have also arrived as key topics for your home pool. Highly heat-insulating basin materials, heat-storing cover, and the passive use of solar power and heat sources such as the air and water heating pumps all contribute to a more environmentally-friendly and energy-saving design of your swimming pool. Our heating pumps, for example, already operate efficiently at OUTSIDE TEMPERATURES of 7°C and 75% of the used power comes for free from nature!

Together with D&W resellers, we can respond to your individual needs!



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