To protect against things that don't belong in a pool, you need a cover that is available in all forms and sizes!

Covers made of PEB. The covers with hemstitch and tension line are handy and practical. And D&W Pool has the perfect cover for every pool size.


Coated on both sides, the covers are made of polyethylene tarpaulin and therefore particularly tear and weather resistant: from - 40°C to + 70°C. upper side green, bottom side black. It is unsinkable and its light weight makes it easy to handle.  The cover is available with hemstitch, tension line and an additional doublet eyelets every 100cm. Suitable for all round and long-form basins.

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Ice-pressure resistant pads 50 x 23 cm or for larger basins also 100 x 23 cm. comes with fastening hooks, weighted with black plastic. The Ice-pressure resistant pads are each attached at one vertical and horizontal side of the basin.



Gitter-Mesh pool cover Permea STANDARD: Floating pool cover made of polyethylene, color: blue/black. Brass eyelets 50 cm apart at the seam, tension line included. This cover keeps dirt out of the pool. Rain and melt water can pass through the cover!

Mesh pool cover Permea Duo (without image): Floating mesh pool cover made of polyethylene, color: blue/black. The edge of the cover is turned up vertically and fixed with adhesive strips. The surface of the cover collects the dirt with its special form. The lightweight cover is lifted off manually by lifting it at the sides and folding it. Rain and melt water flow off via a rear grating plan. Any dirt remains on the cover. Custom-made.


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