Solar absorbers

Free heat for your outdoor pool – because swimming in a warm pool is twice the fun.

Our sun provides us with energy every single day.  Why don't we make use of it? It's environmentally friendly and free!  With the easy installations of our solar absorbers, you can enjoy warm water even on colder days.

Solarabsorber EUROSOL
Sonnenkollektoren BK 250 und BK 350

Solar absorber EUROSOL

Frost-resistant absorbers made of EPDM, unique collecting tube made of black ASA plastic, integrated ceiling fastener eyelets. Single rubber strips (tubes) are fastened with a newly developed clamp system on the collecting tube. This is why the absorber can be plugged together virtually seamlessly. You do not need any special connectors or adaptors. Custom lengths available on request.


Solar absorber type BK 370 and type BK

Technically sophisticated and ingenious controls enable fully automatic operation. And if the collector surface is at least 70% of the pool surface, a very high degree of heating can be achieved. Pool absorbers can be installed on the roof as well as on the ground. The material is made of UV-weather and pool water-resistant plastic with welded on collecting tubes. Must be fully emptied in the winter.



Solardusche aus Edelstahl V2A in Aktion!

aus Edelstahl V2A, mit Kalt- und Warmwasserhahn, eckig, 230 cm hoch, Warm-wassertank aus schwarzem Gewebeschlauch, Inhalt 20l.

aus Edelstahl V2A, mit Kalt- und Warmwasserhahn, 232 cm hoch, Warmwassertank aus PE, Inhalt 18,5l.

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