Swimming is among the most recommended sports of all. This is especially due to the physical properties of the water and their soothing effects on the human body.

Swimming works the heart, circulation and muscles whilst being easy on the joints.

Water is 1,000 times denser than air. As a result, each movement is made with a much greater resistance in the water than on land. The resulting "slow motion" reduces the risk of ligament damage and muscle injuries.

The resistance of the water requires a GREATER physical effort and therefore leads to a higher energy use and calorie burn. People that are overweight or have problems with their joints will also find swimming is an optimal sport for them. The weight of the swimmer is reduced. In the water, a person weighs only one seventh of what they weigh on land. In addition, the buoyancy protects the joints. That makes swimming excellent also for people that are in rehabilitating phase after injuries.

In addition to all the positive effects on health, swimming also is ideal to get into one's dream shape. As an endurance sport, swimming directly taps into the fat reserves. This is referred to as "aerobic training". As soon as the glucose reserves have been depleted, the body taps into its fat reserves for energy. By and by, unwanted fat start to disappear. Swimming as a full-body workout strengthens the body's muscles EVENLY so that a harmonious, well-balanced shape without locally concentrated muscle tone appears.

Be it back stroke, aqua fitness, or athletic crawl: the positive effects on the body are numerous...for everyone!

Gesundheit macht schön!

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