KRETA Spezial

Above-ground or inground pools

To prevent the vacation in your garden from ever ending, we recommend KRETA Spezial. Additionally equipped with our patented PVC handrail profile it is able to save you a lot of time, money, and especially trouble, when changing the inner cover, since it can be replaced effortlessly and in a very short time, without having to take off the basin border or even damaging the tiles on the side of the pool.

RIVA+ KRETA Spezial KRETA Spezial eine zufriedene D&W Kundin
Langformbecken KRETA Spezial 120
Size in cm 
Lengh x Width x Depth
Volume m3
525x320x120 17
625x360x120 22
725x460x120 34
855x500x120 43
Langformbecken KRETA Spezial 150
Size in cm 
Lengh x Width x Depth
Volume m3
525x320x150 21
625x360x150 28
725x460x150 42
855x500x150 53

Swimming pools built in accordance with DIN 31000, measurements and sizes, versions and technical descriptions are the same as BARI, KRETA, LAGO and LAGO SB, but with the new patented PVC-rails on top. The bottom ring is made of sturdy and easy mounting steel rails as usual.


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