Lago SB Spezial

Inground pools

You do not want to do without balance and relaxation as core component of and an enrichment to your life: their benefits are simply too evident. For a hassle-free bathing pleasure without imminent cost traps in the future, the investment in our patented PVC hand-rail section, which allows for a problem-free exchange of the inner cover, is worth it. The basin rim, made of stone or tiles, is sure to be safe and undamaged, staying where it is. The old inner cover is merely removed from the hand-rail and replaced with a new one. Just like that.

LAGO SB Spezial eine zufriedene D&W Kundin LAGO SB Spezial LAGO SB Spezial
Langformbecken LAGO SB Spezial 120
Size in cm 
Length x Width x Depth
Volume m3
500x300x120 15
630x360x120 23
700x300x120 24
737x360x120 28
800x400x120 34
916x460x120 45
900x500x120 47
1030x500x120 55
1200x600x120 77
Langformbecken LAGO SB Spezial 150
Size in cm 
Length x Width x Depth
Volume m3
500x300x150 19
630x360x150 29
700x300x150 28
737x360x150 35
800x400x150 42
916x460x150 56
900x500x150 59
1030x500x150 69
1200x600x150 96

Swimming pools built in accordance with DIN 31000, measurements and sizes, versions and technical descriptions are the same as BARI,KRETA,LAGO and LAGO SB, but with the new patented PVC-rails on top. The bottom ring is made of sturdy and easy mounting steel rails as usual.


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