Inground pool

Real space partners are the pool in the LAGO SB series. They are adaptable and always find space, so that even in a small plot you don't have to go without you own freshness experience. Premium, biocompatible materials, solid  haptics, as well as versatile possibilities in equipment and design increase pleasure and wellness during your daily workout. LAGO SB is installed with support walls along the long walls. Request our detailed assembly instructions or our installation DVD to prepare the landscaping and masonry. Your D&W reseller will be more than happy to assist you.

Langformbecken LAGO SB 120
Size in cm 
Length x Width x Depth
Volume m3
400x250x120 10
500x300x120 15
630x360x120 23
700x300x120 24
737x360x120 28
800x400x120 34
916x460x120 45
900x500x120 47
1030x500x120 55
1200x600x120 77
Langformbecken LAGO SB 150
Size in cm 
Length x Width x Depth
Volume m3
400x250x150 13
500x300x150 19
630x360x150 29
700x300x150 28
737x360x150 35
800x400x150 42
916x460x150 56
900x500x150 59
1030x500x120 69
1200x600x150 96

LAGO SB is supplied as a kit without a supporting construction and consists of a hot galvanized steel wall with a thickness of 0,60mm, 0,80mm for pools with a depth of 1,50m. With additional polyester coating on the outside, protective coating on the inside, with perforated cut-out for fitted skimmer and in feed nozzle. Profile rails for the ground ring and handrail made of steel, hot galvanized and coated with blue plastic. Interior liner with suspended blue profile, 0,60mm thick, UV-stabilised, fade resistant, and resistant to cold. Aluminium sections for quick connection of the ends of the walls. The pool is installed with a support wall along the sides and lean concrete backfilling at the round ends. Ask for detailed installation instructions to prepare the earthworks and masonry.


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