Inground pools

The icing on the cake. The flange-mounted polyester stairs with their wide steps lead a double life. As a comfortable access to your pool they guarantee you a relaxed, sure-footed entry.

At the same time, the delightfully smooth gradation of the stairs invites one to stay on them. An amazing spot - legs surrounded by the cool water, the upper body in the warm sun: this way you let you mind wander and have the summer day ease away slowly. Just RILAX – with more comfort, more safety, more wellness quality. 

Langformbecken Rilax
Size in cm 
Length x Width x Depth
Endmaß inkl. Treppe
600x300x150 25 710 x 300 cm
800x400x150 45 925 x 400 cm
1000x500x150 65 1140 x 500 cm
Rundbecken Rilax
Size in cm
Ø x 150 Depth

Endmaß inkl. Treppe
500 32 640 cm
600 45 750 cm
Rundbecken RILAX technisch wie Langformbecken, jedoch mit Innenhülle in 0,80 mm

Treppe RILAX!


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