Extensive bathing pleasure thanks to a U-value < 0.29

Enthusiastic SWIMMING FUN far beyond the official swimming season becomes possible with the flexible, highly insulating form element by STYROPOOL®. The secret: Double-insulated basin walls provide twice the comfort and is environmentally-friendly because of the efficient utilization of heat. The additional effect of STYROPOOL®? You ENJOY the pleasantly tempered water in a swimming pool that you can design to meet your needs. The straight and curved components in different SIZES you can implement your individualized design visions easily - and all of that at a reasonable price.

rechteckige Ausführung
Größe: 600 x 300 x 150 cm
rechteckige Ausführung
Größe: 700 x 350 x 150 cm
rechteckige Ausführung mit integrierter Massageliege.
Hier macht das reinhüpfen richtig Spaß!
mit seitlichem Einstieg MARBELLA
Größe 700 x 400 x 150 cm

The STYROPOOL® assembly system. 

The principle

The STYROPOOL® pool insulation system by D&W, which uses a vulcanoclastic type of stone is very simple: The hard STYROPOOL® blocks are joined, armed with construction steel, and filled with concrete atop a concrete slab. 

Its refinement is in the details:

The double PS30 insulation, with a U-factor < 0.29, makes for warm pool walls and significantly extends the swimming season with always comfortable and warm water temperatures. The sealing takes place using a pre-assembled inner cover or by WELDING with a 1.5 mm ALKORPLAN liner.

rechteckige Ausführung mit Alkorplan in Farbe grau
Größe 800 x 400 x 150 cm
Freiform mit Flachzone für die Kinder
Größe: 20 x 14 x 1,75/1 m
rechteckige Ausführung mit Tropica Exclusiv flach
Größe 700 x 350 x 125 cm
rechteckige Ausführung mit Treppe MARBELLA
Größe 700 x 400 x 150 cm

1000x250x250 cm
1250x500x250 cm in den Qualitäten PS30 und PS 40
R= 1250 cm, R= 1500 cm
R= 1750 cm, R= 2000 cm

Or you can choose our STYROPOOL XXL swimming pool set immediately:
With rounded KU-corners at the top! From SIZE 800x400 cm with 2 skimmers!


All pool sets contain 1x skimmer AS305, 2x suction nozzle HK11, 2x wall penetration 260 mm, depending of no. and SIZE the STYROPOOL XXL blocks, and in the case of rectangular pools incl. butterfly valves, cable straps, as well as the fastening strips for the inner cover. Insulation and protective fleece for floor and walls are included!

Beckenform Abmessungen
0,80 mm
Sandfilter DWS40B Sandfilter DWS80B Leiter EB4WWS
Rechteck 125 500x300x125 x x   EB3WWS
600x300x125 x x   EB3WWS
700x350x125 x x   EB3WWS
Rechteck 150 600x300x150 x x   EB4WWS
700x300x150 x x   EB4WWS
700x350x150 x x   EB4WWS
800x400x150 x   x EB4WWS
Ovalform 600x300x150 x x   EB4WWS
600x350x150 x x   EB4WWS
700x350x150 x x   EB4WWS
800x400x150 x   x EB4WWS
900x400x150 x   x EB4WWS
Halboval 600x300x150 x x   EB4WWS
700x350x150 x x   EB4WWS
800x400x150 x   x EB4wWS
Rechteckbecken mit Treppe Marbella mini 500x300x150 x x    
600x300x150 x x    
700x400x150 x   x  
Rechteck mit Treppe Marbella 700x400x150 x   x  
800x400x150 x   x  
900x500x150 x   x  
RE-Form mit
Eck-Treppe Ravenna
700x350x150 x x    
800x400x150 x   x  
900x450x150 x   x  

Das Rechteckbecken 800 x 400 x 150 cm mit Treppe Marbella ist auch in der Komfortausstattung mit Innenhülle 0,80mm blau marmoriert mit brandaktueller NANO-Technologie lieferbar!

MARBELLA für den runden Einstieg
Ecktreppe für den seitlichen Einstieg

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