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Using the strength of the ocean at home

Salt – the elementary power of the sea – can also be utilized in your swimming pool at home. Salt water makes it possible to keep the water in the basin clean without the use of any chemicals.

Salt water in low concentrations, (10% of the salt content in the sea) which comes into the pool with salt water electrolysis, is beneficial to your health. Like sea water, it supports circulation, tightens connective tissue, and makes the skin softer. Especially people with skin problems, such as neurodermatitis, will feel comfortable in salt water. A bath in the home pool then gets very close to a beneficial sea treatment - and can be taken every day.

Disinfection of the salty pool water takes place through salt water electrolysis. This requires no chemicals, so that no unwanted residue or turbidity gets into the water but bacteria and algae are still eliminated effectively. This type of water cleaning is cost-effective for the long term and protects the environment. The time needed for water care is also reduced. We want you to ENJOY your pool, not work on it.

Practically all pool materials (with the exception of a few metals) do well in salt water. We will keep you informed about what to look out for when retrofitting an already existing installation.


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