Measuring & control devices 

For those who don't want to have to take care of cleaning the pool and dispensing chemicals themselves, we offer with Bayrol a customized measuring, control and dosing system for constant hygienic water quality. The benefits are obvious:


Pool manager

Complete and fully automatic pool water measuring, control and dosing system with an attractive design for the highest demands of your private swimming pool and whirlpool. Simple and intuitive operation with large and clear 5.7" touchscreen.

Automatic water treatment (pH and chlorine content), incl. 2 peristaltic pumps, suction lance and prefilter, computer connection possible, can be upgraded to bilateral pH regulation.


Pool Relax

Automatic measuring, control and dosage system, compact structure for private swimming pools. The dosing system is equipped with the latest technology and a plug&play system, providing the most extreme flexibility in terms of application possibilities. As an alternative to chlorine, this system can also dose bromine and oxygen. Options:

- Flockmatic for crystal clear water and/or

- Pool Connect



Do you have a PoolManager or a Pool Relax? Or are you thinking about automating your pools water treatment? PoolConnect is exactly what you need. With its mobile radio function, PoolConnect connects your pool with your mobile phone. This way you can connects to your Pool Relax, PoolManager or Analyte from anywhere in the world. All you need is a regular mobile phone. PoolConnect is a mobile radio module that is directly integrated in your Bayrol measuring, control and dosing device. It is connected to the menu of the controller via a high-performance interface, thus enabling the exchange of data from the device to your phone or to the pool dealer. The devices is as easy to use as your mobile phone. And because the dealer can now also obtain access via PoolConnect, an even more comprehensive degree of customer service is possible.

PoolConnect is available for the device ranges Pool Relax, PoolManager and Analyt. Also, previously installed devices can be upgraded.


Measuring and control device pH-Perfect

The ideal supplement for salt-based treatments, pH Perfect uses a probe in the filter circuit to constantly measure the pH value of the water (digital display 6.2-8.0) and doses the respective quantity to achieve the targeted pH value. Shipment includes, ready to plug in, 1~230V, 50-60Hz, incl. assembly material.


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