The water treatment method with long-term effects through active mineral clay. Simple installation of the device into the filtering unit route. By using NATURE² you reduce the consumption of chlorine, algaecides and flocking agents (up to 50%) and the water becomes softer and more pleasant. The system consists of a plastic container and a cartridge containing the silver and copper enhanced granulate made of mineral clay. The service life of one cartridge is about 1 pool season!


The benefits of all devices:

The service life of one cartridge is about 6 months (= ca. 1 pool season)

Nature2 Express

Extremely fast assembly (max. 10 minutes) with predrilled holes in the base of the device. Specially suited for self-installation! The system consists of a container incl. cartridge that contains mineral clay granulate enriched with sliver and copper ions and drill bit. Suitable for pools up to 75 m³!


Nature2 Pro Plus


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