UV disinfection

By using a disinfectant system you can considerably reduce the use of chemicals. The sterilizing effect of UV-C causes efficient disinfection of the water without any negative side effects. This type of disinfectant is environmentally friendly due to the reduced amount of chemicals

The UV system consists of a high-quality polished V4A casing with two 2" AG connectors as well as a drain. The delivery also contains a ready-to-plug-in ballast with LED Status display, a wall  mount and two PVC screw connections 64 mm bonded socket joint x 2" IG.

Technical data: Service life of UV lamp: ca. 9000 operating hours, operating pressure max. 6 bar, water temperature max. 40°C, connection 230V. We offer devices for basins from 40m³ to 240 m³ content.

Important: You cannot fully dispense with oxidants, such as chlorine, as the disinfecting process only takes place in the UV cell and not in the pool.


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