Water treatment chemicals by D&W


D&W water treatment chemicals! Besides the mechanical basic cleaning that your filter system performs, we also offer the D&W water treatment range.  Here you find all sorts of disinfectants, algaecides and universal cleaners as well as chemicals specially developed for the winter months. Your dealer would be happy to provide you with detailed information!

The quality of D&W water treatment chemicals guarantees clean swimming fun. thermometers and State-of-the-art testing devices to measure chlorine and pH Value    further enhance our program. Don't forget to order your cleaning products! We also offer you comfortable measuring and control facilities that automatically dispense your liquid treatment products.


Schwimmende Ausführung aus Kunststoff, 4 verschiedene Modelle
Testgeräte für Chlor und pH-Wert
Zur Messung des Chlorgehaltes im Schwimmbecken und zur Bestimmung des pH-Wertes.
Zur Auflösung von Dauerchlor - Tabletten im Schwimmbadwasser
Digitales Testgerät für freies Chlor o. Brom. Großes einfach abzulesendes LCD-Display.
Photometer PC CHECKIT
mikroprozessorgesteuertes Photometer für die Chlor-, ph-Wert- und Cyanursäure-Messung.

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