We are convinced

that our customers are satisfied. Their satisfaction is what is most important to us and we’ve had very good results over many, many years. We love to represent D&W Pool products proactively and EXCLUSIVELY, as we follow and live by the same quality philosophy and we know that this connection really lives up to its promise. 

The partnership with D&W Pool provides us with the security and the support that we require to provide optimal service to you as the customer.

A pool should be FUN. To ensure this, it requires the right basin, the correct equipment and a reliable, forward-looking partner with seasoned expert know-how. At D&W Pool, all of this can be found under one roof: A comprehensive, innovative product portfolio able to fulfill all requirements — from entry-level pool through to the premium model. A technology that implements all that is possible today and which takes the environment into account. A partner that has long-term vision, who takes care of product continuity, and develops innovative concepts at the highest quality level and under the strictest quality control.

Our long-standing business relationship is characterized by mutual trust and speaks for itself. At D&W Pool, you will always find someone listening when it comes to your questions, solving your problems, or in the rare case that you have a complaint. The uncomplicated dialogue with manager Jürgen Bergmann and his committed team is always effective and geared towards finding a solution which significantly simplifies collaboration. We can rely on D&W Pool with confidence, and agreements made with a handshake are still valid today. Their performance and service are dependable, and support — when needed — is provided without hassle and without bureaucracy.

It's also great that we can profit from the vast and well-organized D&W logistics.  That has saved us many an extra trip to customers, saving costs in the process.

PLATSCH AGPlatsch AG has been a D&W reseller since 1983 and will continue to be one for the foreseeable future. A great relationship between two companies with a strong tradition should never be broken. ;-)


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